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Hi, I’m Mark Williams,

I like to help partners develop empathy for each other as they accept the partner they are finding difficult to live with.   



Since 1984, Licensed in 1994

Counseling for over 30 years

Married for mover 40 years

Mark has raised two children with his partner of over 40 years, both adult children now run their own businesses.

Mark does not believe in perfection, but rather in respecting each other's needs. 

Mark uses several theories

Mark uses Object Relations Theory: what parental voice are we carrying around in our head? Is it a forgiving voice, or a harsh voice? 
NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg: What are the important Needs that are not getting met? If we can list our Needs that are not getting met we can calm our anxiety by 50%. Then we can turn and list our partner's needs that are not getting met, calming our partner by 50%.


The role of anxiety in the realtionship

Why is our sex life suffering?

Anger Management

Empathy and Respect even when we disagree and are hurt


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